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Wind Turbines:

Wind power is the world’s fastest growing source of renewable energy and wind turbines offer amongst the highest returns and shortest payback periods of all renewable energy products. As the UK has over 40% of all the wind across Europe then this, coupled with a high return-short payback period model, means harnessing and capitalising upon wind energy brings substantial economic and environmental benefits.

All wind power produced is eligible for generous Feed In Tariff payments, whether it is used onsite or exported to the grid. Thus, almost all suitable properties and businesses will benefit substantially from Solcap Energys’ range of wind turbine product. Landowners will benefit from free electricity use on site to significantly reduce or eliminate electricity bills and deliver bottom line energy efficiency savings as well as exporting any surplus electricity to the National Grid. Along with cash savings wind turbine customers will also be reducing their carbon footprint.

The Process

Solcap Energy’s team of expert renewable energy consultants will work closely with landowners, businesses, their advisors, planners and all relevant stakeholders to ensure a timely and thorough process is followed resulting in the successful installation of one or more turbines. The following are typical steps when installing a wind turbine:

Stage 1. Feasibility - Desktop survey and site inspection to confirm suitability

Stage 2. Planning Application - We prepare, submit and manage the planning application and associated requirements and ensure you, the landowner is fully informed

Stage 3. District Network Operator - We manage all communications and legalities to confirm the viability and contracted selling of your electricity back to the grid

Stage 4. Planning Approval - Once approved we confirm installation time and logistics

Stage 5. Installation - Foundation works, installation and commissioning over 6 weeks

Stage 6. Tested, Commissioned and Signed Off - we undertake rigorous testing procedures to gain all compliance Certifications to ensure that your turbine is 100% ready for use

Stage 7. Maintenance Visits - We return to check your turbine according to the manufacturers’ warranty and offer very competitive annual maintenance checks to protect your asset and warranty

Stage 8. Remote Monitoring - All turbines are monitored remotely and customers can also log-in to keep track of your investment or electricity generation.

Eligibility and Funding Packages

There are many factors affecting the viability and planning approval of a wind turbine. In the first instance, Solcap Energy are very interesting in speaking with landowners of any industrial or commercial, farm, agricultural, horticultural properties, with a minimum wind speed of 6.5m/s.

Please contact Solcap Energy on or 0333 301 8986 to discuss or to obtain further information on our range of wind turbines from 55kW upwards .

To check wind speed, use your postcode and Click Here.

A wind turbine site also needs to have 250 metres all round clearance from any occupied dwellings, large infrastructure like barns and farm buildings, large trees and high hedges and must be 50 metres back from any public roads.

We have three funding options available for prospective wind turbine customers. These are:

Outright Purchase - Under this option, you as the purchaser will be responsible for all costs, including DNO and planning costs for a fully manufactured, delivered, installed and certified turbine. Solcap Energy will manage the full project process and all stages for you.

Fully Funded - This is a no cost and free electricity model for land owners. Customers will receive all the electricity generated for onsite for the next 20 years free to use. Solcap Energy will undertake and pay for all the project management and other costs to supply and install the chosen wind turbine. Under this package the fund managed by Solcap Energy receives all the Feed In Tariff and other cash payments associated as owner of the turbine and leases the area of land in which it sits.

Asset-based Financing - Solcap Energy have access to secured funding for clients subject to lending terms and conditions, to enable clients to purchase a wind turbine. Within this package all electricity and Feed In Tariff payments go to theclient but there will be agreed regular repayments to the finance provider. Ownership of the turbine rests with the customer.

The Turbines

NPS 60kW, 100 kW, 250kW and 380kW

Northern Power Systems has been delivering innovative energy solutions in a changing landscape for over 40 years.

NPS manufactures Britain’s preeminent 100 kW wind turbine, featuring Permanent Magnet Direct Drive technology. The NPS 100 and NPS 60 are backed by our 10-Year Performance Guarantee Program (PGP); the UK’s leading guarantee for small wind turbines.

With installations throughout Britain and Northern Ireland, NPS wind turbines have had uninterrupted operations since 2008 without major incident, demonstrating our commitment to performance and reliability.

Northern Power Systems is headquartered in Vermont, USA with offices in the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Italy.

NPS 60 kW specsheet
NPS 100 kW light winds
NPS 100 kW high winds
NPS 250 kW coming soon
NPS 380 kW coming soon

EC Wind 55kW

Solcap Energy is proud to be accredited with official reseller status for the EC Wind 55kW wind turbine. Our Staff has undergone full supply and installation training at the manufacturing plant in Sweden.

The EC Wind 55kw wind turbine is market leading in all respects. It has far greater efficiency, lower noise and lower maintenance costs compared to any other turbine in its class. The EC Wind 55k/W has a sturdy and appealing 3 blade design with hub height options of 25 and 34 metres. It has a fully automatic pitch control, rotor speed and a market leading ‘intelligent yaw’ motor mechanism. The intelligent yaw motor uses in-built wind speed and direction data to continually point into the wind to extract the greatest energy from any given wind speed and direction.

Key Features and Benefits of the EC Wind 55kW Wind Turbine

  • 7 year warranty - most comprehensive of any turbine in this class
  • No gearbox and extremely quiet - direct belt drive so fewer moving parts to maintain. Noise is significantly reduced which aids planning approval and ensures minimal maintenance costs and no replacement gearbox
  • Variable Rotor Speed (20 - 65 rpm) - low cut in speed of 2.5 m/s (Cut out = 25m/s) ensures maximum power output in low winds and throughout the Power Curve
  • Automatic yaw and pitch control - intelligent altering of the direction of the turbine and pitch of the blades to extract greatest energy from wind
  • Integrated controls - all control systems are housed in the tower
  • Remote Monitoring - output and fault monitoring via GSM or Internet
  • High annual energy output - Annual Energy Production (AEP) from 161,700kWh at average wind speed of 5.5m/s to 274,000kWh at 8.0 m/s

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