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Solar PV:

No renewable energy generation has a lower environmental impact than solar PV which simply absorbs the sun's rays and for roof top mounted systems it is not reducing any land use or productivity.


Take advantage of our bulk buying and direct relationships with quality leading manufacturers such Q Cells and SolarEdge for a great value high specification solar PV system.

We are happy to advise, quote, design, supply and install as well as monitor and maintain any sized solar PV system.

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Our experience extends to recently installing a solar PV system 7 storeys up on a office block to hotel conversion.

The best returns will always be achieved by direct ownership , but , is that the highest return or best use of your capital ?

If you want to increase your electricity supply security, lower your costs and reduce your carbon emissions without using your own capital we have a fully funded option.

Fully Funded

We deploy and manage funds for funds managers focussed on the renewable energy sector.

Currently we are actively deploying our 8th fund with funds now available for fully funded solar PV systems for commercial roofs and solar farms up to 5MW.

Commercial Roofs

Not every roof is suitable, as maximum generation is needed to fund free installations with the ever reducing FITs and ROC's.

The commercial roofs must

  • generally face south
  • have a PV GIS score of at least 900
  • be at least 25 kWp in size
  • have financially sound tenants willing to purchase the electricity generated
  • be freehold with a roof in good condition

If you are interested pin your building and email us using the link from this page here

Solar Farms

For landowners we offer a complete turnkey service from bare land through to final installation and connection.

With recent changes in eligibility and ever reducing FITs and ROCs income a site needs to be close to DNO connectivity to be viable.

Generally speaking we are looking for up

  • to 12 hectares ( 30 acres )
  • a PV GIS score of over 900
  • less than 1 km from network connection ( DNO )
  • the poorer the quality of land for food production the better

If you have suitable land we welcome the opportunity to discuss options with you.

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We are experienced with tax efficient structures, currently managing a mix of VCT and EIS funds with over 2500 sites throughout the UK real time monitored.
Our business leader Angus Fraser through his own business background and experience understands your needs and that returns also need to be underpinned with minimised risk. We are keen to align our interests with your own.

Our advantage for you is that we are a leader in the depth of vertical integration that we encompass. We secure opportunities at source, take them through planning and then construction followed by monitoring and maintaining as well as insuring the systems.

With others every one of those layers typically has a party looking to maximise their fees and by default reduce your returns.

At Solcap Energy it is about maximising the returns for our investors and standing alongside you and sharing in that success in an open and transparent manner.
Because of our long term collaborative attitude we only specify and construct top tier equipment such as QCells solar modules and SolarEdge inverters.


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Solcap Energy


Solcap Energy

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