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Our primary objective is to permanently change how the poorest in our society are treated by their energy suppliers. Specifically, from the benchmark of 2013 energy prices we are seeking to reduce the cost of energy consumed by its fuel poverty customers by 50%.

No-one in the UK should die from being cold, however bad the weather.

No-one in the UK should be forced to chose between being comfortably warm and feeding themselves and their family

No child in the UK should have its health permanently damaged as a consequence of growing up in poorly heated houses

The poorest in our society should not be required to pay the highest energy prices in the UK

Every Council in the UK have fuel poverty residents who need assistance

Solcap Energy have :

  • technologies
  • concepts
  • strategies
  • funding
    To make a positive difference.

We want to help so welcome all enquiries.

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For more information on Solcap Energy's involvement in the Social Power Partnership click here


Solcap Energy


Solcap Energy

Tel. 0333 301 8986


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quote Good afternoon Kian, Thanks very much for the prompt response. I would like to give some feedback on the service received from everyone connected with Solcap Energy. In a word, excellent, this has been a painless experience and I would and do recommend you to anyone. I would be more than happy to provide a testimonial if requested. Colin.


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We welcome new team members Martin Lissenburg and Aimee Williams. Martin Lissenburg joins as Director with specific responsibility for Consulting Projects; he is an experienced businessman who has led business developments in start-ups and established businesses. Martin has a degree in Physics and Diploma in Marketing.

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