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Biomass Boilers:

Biomass boilers are similar in principle to a wood burning stove, which most people know, but can burn a variety of fuels in addition to traditional wood; for example woodchip, crop residue and waste such as paper pulp.

Simply put, Biomass fuel is considered a renewable source because all materials used can be replaced by new growth; for example managed tree planting. Carbon dioxide will be emitted by the burning of Biomass fuel (as for fuels such as coal, gas and oil), but the new growth re-absorbs the carbon dioxide. Because fuels such as coal, gas and oil are finite and cannot be replenished, they do not reduce the overall carbon dioxide impact of their burning.

With commercial energy rates forecast to increase significantly in the next several years, a biomass system offers a reliable and low cost alternative.

Biomass fuel is much lower cost (around 40%) than LPG or heating oil so combined with the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) subsidy a Biomass Boiler can also be a good investment against a gas fired equivalent.

The RHI is guaranteed for 20 years and rates are RPI linked. An example shows that a 100kWp boiler could earn £13,000 of savings plus revenue in year 1 and by year 20 total savings plus revenue could have reached over £300,000. Payback will be from year 4 onwards.

From spring 2015, there will be sustainability standards set against biomass fuel. Ideally fuel must be sourced locally and support sustainable land management; for example, avoiding taking land valuable for growth of food crops. There is also a strong desire to make the most of waste that ordinarily go to landfill as decomposing waste gives off methane which is a more deadly greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide.

Biomass boilers are straightforward to install and importantly can utilise the existing heating system. The control technology is equally similar to other boilers and settings can be adjusted remotely using smart phone technology.

It is important to remember that space must be allowed for storage and a supply mechanism for the fuel.

Solcap Energy interest in biomass boilers is not only for individual businesses and the public sector high heat consumption sites such as council leisure centres but also as the heat source for district heat schemes for off grid villages so as to provide more reliable heat at substantially lower costs.

We welcome all and any enquiries regarding biomass boilers and or district heat schemes

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